Call on CCAMLR to protect Antarctica's penguins

For penguins, not everything is black and white. Some live in constant peril, fearlessly putting their lives on the line.


Alex, for one, upset some gangs in downtown Chicago.

Now he’s about to pay the price for trying to clean up his city.

Meanwhile, Percy has 3 seconds left to save humanity from nuclear disaster.

In the movies they’d have this sorted, but flippers weren’t meant for scissors.

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Kidnapped and whisked away by an evil corporation, Susan makes a daring escape…

…forgetting for one vital moment
that penguins can’t fly.

So what is to become of our flightless friends? Is nowhere safe? Surely if they could just get home to the oceans of Antarctica…

Even in their own home, penguins are in peril.

In the age of climate change and with fisheries around the world over exploited, the pristine ecosystems of Antarctica's oceans are at risk.

Join us in protecting their home by sharing the penguins’ perilous story.